Now blogging at

For years now Peter McDonald and I have been working together on the Faith in Action project and I have decided it would be great to consolidate my efforts by porting this blog content onto the same site so everything is “under one roof” so to speak.

Thanks for those who have been following this site and I hope that many of you will continue to engage with this content by following along at

About joanna hubbard

Joanna is an Ordained Minister of Religion with experience and training in Community Development and Not-For-Profit management in Australia and who has consulted with Churches and Charities both in Australia and internationally. Together with her husband, Joanna was a part of establishing the world's first charity app on iOS which overcame Apple's policies and allowed for all future charity apps. Joanna was a nominee for Emerging Leader in the Public/Not-for-Profit in the NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards 2013-14 and is featured in their Register of Agenda-Setting Women.
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1 Response to Now blogging at

  1. Peter McDonald says:

    Yay – Looks good!
    I think we need to make the blog list the author – next to the date and ‘category’.
    Will have a look at the template and see if I can make it do that for us.

    Also I might have a go at bringing your pages into the menu tonight and see what it looks like

    Tried your mob earlier


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