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Joanna is an Ordained Minister of Religion with experience and training in Community Development and Not-For-Profit management in Australia and who has consulted with Churches and Charities both in Australia and internationally. Together with her husband, Joanna was a part of establishing the world's first charity app on iOS which overcame Apple's policies and allowed for all future charity apps. Joanna was a nominee for Emerging Leader in the Public/Not-for-Profit in the NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards 2013-14 and is featured in their Register of Agenda-Setting Women.

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For years now Peter McDonald and I have been working together on the Faith in Action project and I have decided it would be great to consolidate my efforts by porting this blog content onto the same site so everything … Continue reading

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A Different “Development” Project

   Over the last 8 and a bit months I have been working on a little bit of a different development project. As we anticipate all the change that this will mean in our lives and our family I would … Continue reading

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Trust the process and trust the Spirit… and who knows where it might lead!

I’ve been framing up a series of lectures with my Faith in Action colleague Peter McDonald over recent weeks and one thing he has been reflecting on quite a bit is how group processes can be used to help us … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the gifts of “serviced” people

Thanks to those who came to our first Faith in Action Reading Group today as we looked at a chapter from “When Helping Hurts”. Thanks also to Dear Daisy for allowing us to all but take over your cafè. I … Continue reading

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Working TOGETHER for better outcomes for Hackham

While community development may be well lead by one group; good community development can never be done by one group/organisation/Church alone.  Diversity is a (never to be underestimated) necessity of healthy, thriving community and it therefore needs to be deliberately … Continue reading

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Reflecting on my garden and community development

As the first Adelaide heatwave of this summer broke last night into a steamy thunderstorm I look out over my yellowed lawn, the burnt leaves of my pumpkin plants and the still panting beaks of my small flock of chickens … Continue reading

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Good mental health for congregations – without getting clinical

Peter and I had a great conversation this morning at Corromandel Valley Uniting Church with a number of Church leaders interested in how we can walk alongside people in our congregations and communities who are struggling with bumpy roads in … Continue reading

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Advent, Community and #IllRideWithYou

At risk of being accused of jumping on the bandwagon I couldn’t give up the opportunity to celebrate the beautiful example of community that was expressed in the “I’ll Ride With You” hashtag last night. My heart truly soared. Yesterday … Continue reading

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The Challenge is to Start NOW!

One of the most profound lessons I have learned in my time working with communities is this: Whoever comes are the right people. Sounds simple, but so often it goes against our natural instincts. It certainly goes against my natural … Continue reading

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What ELSE did I learn from our conversation about working with refugees and asylum seekers?

Last week I posted about the challenge I felt from Brad Chilcot’s call to appreciate the polarities in people by starting out from areas of mutuality rather than adversary. But this wasn’t all I learned from that conversation. My other … Continue reading

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