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Are we being honest when we ask for money?

Okay a bit of a provocative title (and blog) today (including lots of clarifying asides). I have noticed a growing gap between best practice in community development (what I hope most of us are working towards) and our public fronts/how we … Continue reading

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Collaboration vs Competition

As I look towards the year ahead it is with both excitement and not a little trepidation -particularly with regard to funding. As I watch my twitter feed it seems like every day another federally funded Not for Profit initiative is … Continue reading

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The “Magic” Money called Grants

At least every second day and sometimes twice a day some kind soul will send me an email or hand me a newspaper clipping with great enthusiasm about some newly discovered (to them) grant. Slightly less often (and often when … Continue reading

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Results Based Accountability

I attended a seminar last Friday on Results Based Accountability which was lead by the creator of the theory Mark Friedman; author of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough.  Mark is a classic accountant with the attitude that everything should be simple, succinct and comprehensible … Continue reading

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