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An illustration of Community Development using Luke 17:11-19

Language is a tricky thing and one of the stumbling blocks over recent weeks, for me, has been the use of the terms “community engagement/outreach” and “community development”. So I wanted to spend a moment demonstrating what I understand to … Continue reading

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A Great Blog on Independence as False Gospel (by Joy Bennett)

Thanks to my good friend Mandy for sharing with me this post from Joy Bennett who has captured a lot better what I was musing on a couple of weeks ago about prevalent theologies of personal independence: Independence: the False … Continue reading

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On reading Scripture only for myself.

Part of my change in job has required my husband and I to change, not only our place of worship, but also the denomination (movement) in which we participate. This can seem like a small thing to Gen X/Y-ers like … Continue reading

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Building a Kingdom not a brand.

A while ago I wrote post of true (and lip-service) collaboration.  I was reflecting on this again a few months ago when a community networking event I was participating in became a brag-fest for the different groups around the table: … Continue reading

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GUEST BLOG: An Australia Day Lament

As we celebrate the Australia Day long weekend a dear friend of mine, Ellen Beasy (who currently serves as the South Australian Chaplain for Mission Australia) shared the following prayer with her Facebook friends. I thought it was beautiful and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Thanks for all those who have followed and contributed to this conversation this year- It’s been fun 🙂 I look forward to continuing to explore and create and share stories with you in 2014. I hope you have a very … Continue reading

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GUEST BLOG: Asset Based Community Development in Scripture

Thanks to my fellow ABCD explorer Leigh Wilson of Northern Communities of Hope for this post.   I love being able to share this blog space with fellow dreamers.  I love learning from your experiences and wisdom as I wrestle … Continue reading

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