The Painting

The header image is a painting by Texan artist James Janknegt titled “A Portrait of You as the Good Samaritan”

Here is how he describes his own work on his blog:

The subject of the Good Samaritan has been dealt with numerous times in art by artist such as Rembrandt, Duccio, Hogarth and Van Gogh to name a few. In thinking about my approach to the subject I obviously wanted a contemporary setting in keeping with the parable series I have been working on. I decided I did not want to show the actual good Samaritan in the painting. Instead starting on the left side of the paintings I have the robbers escaping on a bicycle followed by the priest carrying a collection plate full of money, then the Levite, an old hippie, with a tie die shirt and strumming a guitar and finally we see the victim. The idea is that YOU are the good Samaritan being the next person to see the naked beat up man. How will you respond?

To make the painting more personal I painted the beat up man as a self portrait. The man is holding three paint brushes. The robbers can be seen carrying off his clothes and his art supplies. His artist beret is fluttering in the wind.

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